Google Consultant

Google Consultancy is my forte. In fact I am so good I may well change my name to Google Consultant by deed poll. It is easy being a Google consultant when there are so few around. There are many google experts but very few google consultants. I suppose most people wouldn't call themselves a google consultant unless they really knew the mechanics of Google inside out as you need to be very knowledgeable about search engines and how they work to be a search engine consultant. On that basis, I suppose most people wouldn't be so smug as to call themselves a google expert unless they really knew Google inside out.

Google Consultancy

Google as the world's number one search engine is used by many millions of people every day throughout the world to search for all manner of things. One thing that people hardly ever search for is Google consultant. In fact last time I looked there were less than 200 pages that contain the term. Odd when Google indexes well over forty BILLION pages, and growing, that so few would seemingly care for google consultants. Yet there really is a need out there for google consultancy as so many people have built web sites which do not come as high in various search terms via the Google search engine rankings as they would like.

Good Google Consultant

I was only joking when I said that I may well change my name to Google Consultant. I bet somebody does one day change their name by deed poll though, and then they would be a bona fide Google Consultant. Until then let's just analyse what is going on here. By using the words google consultant on a fairly regular basis within this page, this page may well appear towards the top of the listings when people search for the term google consultant on Google. I would not want to be termed a charlatan so I will only use that word twice on this page to demonstrate my point. If you do a search on Google for charlatan this page will not have a high ranking. However, search for google consultant and it will have a relatively high ranking as the term Google Consultant is used fairly often within the text. It's a crude example, but shows what can be done by creating a page that kind of makes sense to read, which uses a specific term.

What makes a good Google Consultant?

It has been said that the three ways to improve a sites positioning on Google's search results page are Content, Importance and Page Ranking. Content refers to the words on a web page - it doesn't take a genius to work that that. Importance is how much depth and breadth a site has, and how much authority the site or page has. Page Ranking is a Google term which is forever being adapted and relates to how many sites link to your site. A good google consultant can tell you it is not a matter of the more the better, but you really want the sites that Google deems important to link to your page in question. That way, the page gets improved Page Ranking.

Google Consultants

There are many google consultants throughout the world, some good, some less so. I wonder what the term for a gaggle of google consulants is. A gaggle doesn't sound right does it? But then again a google of google consultants sounds even more odd.

Organic Web Strategist

Way back in 2004 or so, I knocked this page up in fifteen minutes or so to prove a point that it can be quite easy to get a relatively high search engine ranking on a relatively obscure term - in this case, if you haven't already guessed by now - Google Consultant although of course the exercise could just easily have been carried out for the term Google SEO expert, or heaven forbid organic web strategist. If you do need google consultancy, or you are looking for an organic web strategist, please do not get in touch with me, because at the moment I am busy with other projects including providing consultancy to a very popular online will writing company and I do not get involved with other organic web strategy projects. If you are going to employ the services of a consultant, you will need someone with demonstrable skills. If you are looking for someone who knows Google well and how to improve your search rankings, you are not on your own. Try searching for a term such as google expert or Google SEO Expert, not organic web strategist or whatever other crazy term is flavour of the month. I would recommend asking others who they would recommend in the area of search engine optimisation. Trying to find a decent seo expert, seo consultant or ahem organic web strategist is not easy; so make sure you don't get hoodwinked by their own words of glorification; make sure that you do take references. Make sure you get an expert who can demonstrate that they have delivered results for others.