Trinny and Susannah

Trinny and Susannah - what a couple! Trinny Woodall teamed up with Susannah Constantine to present the 'What Not To Wear' series for the BBC. The success of the What Not To Wear TV show was phenomenal. Trinny and Susannah have since gone on to complete a number of TV shows. If you enjoyed the What Not To Wear series featuring Trinny and Susannah, you really must buy one of the What Not To Wear books that accompanied the series. There are of course plenty of other books they have written that may take your fancy too.
Trinny and Susannah have gone on to write a number of other books too. Many of these Susannah and Trinny books have become best sellers and include titles such as The Body Shape Bible and The Survival Guide. One book that did exceptionally well and is a very good read is What you can wear can change your life by Trinny and Susannah. The full title of this hugely popular book is What you can wear can change your life by Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine, and it is highly recommended. Incorrect spellings include Trinny and Susanna, Trinny and Susana and Trinny and Suzannah, but that's no problem - you can still buy cheap Trinny and Susannah books.