Susannah Constantine Hobbies

Hi, my name is Susannah Constantine, this is my first attempt at a web site so go easy on me! I am now in my late twenties, obviously female and have a famous namesake!
I was born in Gateshead and until recently I lived there. I met a great guy out on the toon in Newcastle and we hit it off. I went on a well organised evening run by Slow Dating who have a fabulous reputation, and I can now see why.
One of my friends lives in Swindon and she wondered if there was a location nearer to her where she could go speed dating. Well there is! My favourite company Slow Dating do after all do speed dating events throughout the UK. Over twenty cities I heard. More than any other company in Europe! So my best friend tried it and enjoyed it too! Maybe now it will become one of her hobbies too. Or maybe like me she will try Online Dating and get herself hooked up for good with that instead! The thing is my friend is a little naughty and she spends far too much time watching dogging videos!

I shall stick to speed dating as my hobby though rather than try that exhibitionist thing - after all on the nights I have been, I have been very impressed with the quality of men, and am hopeful one of the guys I have met and am in regular contact with will work out for me.