Susannah Constantine Biography

I thought that you'd like to know more me. My name is Susannah Constantine although some people get confused and call me Suzannah Constantine or Suzanna Constantine or heaven forbid Susie Constantine. I tell them all NO - my name is Susannah Constantine. I was born in the 1970s; I am not going to tell you exactly when, or how old I am, but I was a big baby when I was born. Not a big cry baby, I was just big. I suppose I am big now, but people seem to like me that way. Folks regularly email me asking for pictures of me as a baby with strange subject titles like naked Susannah Constantine or Susannah Constantine nude, and I delete them all; I don't have any nude pictures of me - whether as a baby or later in life. So, there you are for a brief background on my Susannah Constantine biography.

Susannah Constantine modelling

I wanted to do something with my hands, and although people said I should consider mud wrestling, and I did enjoy the idea of a hot shower afterwards, I just didn't like the idea of all that slippery mud. At least I know what to wear. I hate it when people say Susannah Constantine she knows what not to wear! My friends said I could pull anything so I thought yes you're right - so I became a barmaid for a while. I do after all like meeting new people and I liked the constant chat-up. That's why I enjoy Speed Dating. In fact Speed Dating in London is now my main hobby, and there is no truth in the rumour that I enjoy dogging and spanking.

Susannah Constantine wedding

One day I will no longer be Susannah Constantine. One day I will be someone's wife. One day a vicar will say to me Susannah Constantine do you take Mister so and so to be your husband. I admit I am looking forward to it. Anyway, part of the reason I go Speed Dating is to meet my future husband, who I certainly hope won't be a Google Consultant! So far on all my evenings out I have had loads of fun and have met many great guys, but no marriage proposals yet! One day someone will make a decent woman out of me and I will have to give up being Susannah Constantine. Until then I am going to have fun.